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Equipment For Sale
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Audio Equipment For Sale:

PA Cabinets: - $5000.00 takes all.
     This is a stack that when properly tuned will sound better than the average high end home stereo system.
     Only --- MUCH LOUDER.

     Note: While I would like to sell all of the cabinets and crossover as a package I will sell them seperately.
     But, I must sell the Bass bins first before selling the rest of the cabinets or the crossover.

2 @ Community boxers - $3000.00 for the pair.
     These are the horn loaded Community Dual 18" driver cabinets.
     The enclosures are made from 15 ply Baltic birch.
     They stand 5' tall, 3'wide, and 4' deep.
     Lid plates with casters included.

2 @ Community M-80 - $500.00 for the pair.
     These cabinets are horn loaded 12's that match the bass bins.
     They couple extremely well, and are great for low-mid cabinets.

2 @ JBL 60x90 horns. - $300.00 for the pair.
     These are 2" throat titanium dome High Mid horns.
     They couple well with the rest of the stack, and are just flat out as loud as you can imagine.

2 @ JBL Mid Throw Constant Directivity Tweeters. - $500.00 for the pair.
     Includes a foamed road case for these.
     Tweeters are mounted in custom 15 ply baltic Birch cabinets.

1 @ UREI 525 4-Way Stereo Crossover. - $1000.00
     Thats right, an active crossover thats both 4 way AND stereo.
     This is a very rugged and road worthy unit. The electronics were built to last.


Road Cases For Sale:

Just to be clear: These are Gear cases - Utility cases - Cable cases - Snake cases - Coffin cases - and are all large beasties.
These are NOT cases for single drums, or a guitar head or cabinet, or a single guitar.

All cases have casters except where noted.

1 @ 5'width x 3'depth x 3'height - $300.00
     Perfect for your ENTIRE drum kit.
     Silver Aluminum Finish, Hinged Lid
     3/4" Construction - REALLY HEAVY DUTY.
     This case was formerly owned by Van Halen, and I can give you it's history.

2 @ 7'2"width/length x 2'depth x 2'height - $150.00ea.
     Perfect for a guitar coffin.
     No Casters
     Green Vinyl Finish, Hinged Lid

1 @ 7'2"width/length x 2'depth x 2'height - $150.00ea.
     Perfect for a guitar coffin.
     Grey Fibre Finish, Hinged Lid
     This case has a small hole in the top.

1 @ 3'width x 3'depth x 3' - $100.00
     No Casters
     Green Fibre Finish, Removable Lid

1 @ 4'width x 4'length x 2'depth - $100.00
     Grey Fibre Finish, Removable Lid

Lighting Equipment For Sale:

1 @ EuroLight 1224 - $125.00
     This is a BRAND NEW still in it's box Eurolight 12/24 lighting controller.
     It's DMX, and it has 2 scenes of 12 faders, but it can also be used as a 1 scene 24 channel console.
     I just don't need it as I have a larger console for my smaller shows.

2 @ ETC 15-30 Source Four Zoom Leko - $400.00 Ea.
     These are BRAND NEW still in thier boxes ETC Zoom's.
     ETC is the king of the hill when it comes to Leko's and these are the cream of the crop.
     The Zoom feature allows you to change the size of the beam of light, and still keep it well focused.
     And, being Source 4 units, you lamp them with cheap HPL575 lamps, so they draw very little power.
     and they are bright as hell. These units normally go for about $600 each.
     I tend to used the fixed focal length units, and so I don't need the Zoom feature.


Remember: You really really want this gear!

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