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Lighting Designer
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"John, you are one kickass hardworking motherfucker Lighting Designer."
     - Gen (of The Genitorturers)

"John: Thanks for the amazing light show at the Baha Prog Festival. We got lots of compliments on how good we looked onstage. You took a simple festival lighting system and made it look like an arena rock show."
     - Clint (of Tripod)

"Whenever there is a band meeting about shows, I always try to make sure there is money in the budget to have John there."
     - Scott (of M-Set)

"When I'm shooting at your shows, I can turn the flash off, as you actually understand how to do lighting for a show that looks good and also lets people see the artists face."
     - Acclaimed Photographer Dan Nash (of

"It was a fun show to do, and it makes it easy when you have good lighting to work with. :) I still get compliments on these photos, more than any others. Good work!"
     - Shellee Luna (of

"John, we love you and your work."
     - Betty (of Betty X)

"the lighting design was lush..."
     - The Seattle Times (on John's lighting design in thier review of Glenn Gary Glenn Ross at the Capitol Hill Arts Center)

"John - Thanks for doing lights at my RockSports show.  You really made the show. Chugalug!"
     - Kirk Dubb (who has been on the cover of "Modern Drunkard" magazine)

"It was so much fun to watch. Hope I have a chance to have you do the lightning for my show."
     - Miki (Renowned Japaneese violinist Miki Fujimoto of )

Note: This last quote is actually something that I wrote a number of years ago in a post, and someone liked it so much that they attributed it to me, and they used it as a quote in thier signature for a number of years. I was so flattered that I HAD to include it here.

"There are 100 people out there in the world who think that science is magic for every one of us that happens to know how a toaster works."
     - John Schlick

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