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Local Seattle Rates:
(Please call for rates on tours and large shows)

My philosophy around money is:   The larger the show and the more gear there is to work with... the more I have to offer the band.  This means that I charge more for larger shows, and more for shows where I have to work harder to get the show to the highest level of performance (for example:  Preproduction, or setting up and tearing down quantities of gear).

In order not to hurt local bands in small venues where there isn't a lot of money (and where the shows don't require a lot of physical labor), I have "local rates".

For these rates, you get me coming in, focusing the lighting system in the club, and running the show for you.  If you rent minimal equipment from me, then that set-up is included in the rates.  If we bring larger production packages to the show, then my rates are going to get included with the package for the show.


Local In Town (Seattle) Rates:  Small Venue (clubs to 750 seats)  Headliner: $50, Opening Act $25

Local In Town (Seattle) Rates: Large Venue (750-1500 seats)  Headliner $100, Opening Act $50

Travel (for shows between 25 and 50 miles away from Seattle) add $10.


Additional Lighting Production Available (per show rates):

Small (Fog Hog) Smoke machine $10

Large (Lightwave F-100) Smoke Machine $25

Diversitronics SuperStrobe $10

Par 64 lamps (usually used as floor lamps) $5 ea.


Examples of some equipment packages that are appropriate for local shows and relatively cheap (subject to availability):

6 Colorblasts, plus Leprechaun LP-612 controller

4 (or 6) Mac 250's plus Fat Frog Controller


Any and all equipment can be provided at competetive rates, up to and including full touring concert rigs.
Remember to book shows early!

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